5 Ways to Recession Proof Your Business

Many experts are calling the ice cream business one of the most recession proof businesses to become involved in. Ice cream may be considered a treat, but it is a treat that is always affordable.

Families are willing to stay at home and spend less money on dinner in order to go out and indulge in their favorite desserts. This does not mean, however, that the ice cream business has not felt the effects of today’s economy.

Ice cream sales have come down slightly during the recession.But most ice cream businesses are still thriving and moving forward. Here are 5 ways to make sure yours continues to do so as well.

1). Continue to advertise and promote.

During a recession, many companies are forced to cut their budget. Advertising and promoting are often the first things to go, because many companies assume others are doing the same, and because they think people won’t want to spend money anyway.

Don’t make this mistake. People need to be reminded that your ice cream business is still around, and why you are the best at what you do.

Keep your name and logo visible within your community by simply handing out flyers or brochures on a regular basis at nearby events. Chances are your competitors are not advertising, and this will give you the opportunity to not only increase your business, but possibly dominate the ice cream market.

2). Provide discounts and specials.

Never underestimate the value of a coupon. People are in search now more than ever of a way to save a dollar, especially when it comes to their favorite ice cream treats.

Providing discounts and specials will get them into your store, and once they are there, the chances are high that they will not only use their coupon, but spend even more money on something else. Target different groups throughout your community, and designate certain nights to give them these discounts.

3). Show your guests outstanding customer service.

Great customer service is more important now than ever. Providing your ice cream customers with a positive, memorable experience is an invaluable way to set yourself apart from your competitors.

Keep your staff well-trained, positive, and energetic; encourage everyone to smile, laugh, and have fun. Require them to greet every person who walks through the door, introduce themselves by their first name, and to in turn learn the names of customers.

Listen to what your customers have to say. Let them leave feeling like their money and time were well spent, and you truly appreciated them for spending it with your business. They will continue to come back, and tell others why.

4). Have the right employees on staff.

A price tag cannot be put on outstanding customer service. But it is difficult to have great customer service without a great staff.

Make sure you are hiring people who stand for everything you want your ice cream business to be, and show these qualities in their work.

Keep them as informed about your business as you are; allow them to taste every product and make everything in the store. Labor cost is something business owners can control.

Watch your employees closely, and schedule them according to their strengths. Keep your employees happy. Give them a reason to be there.

Provide employee discounts and incentive plans. Let them know how valuable they are. Your customers will know that they are happy, and will continue to return for this reason.

5). Search for innovative ways to expand and grow.

Don’t let the recession keep you in a rut. If you had plans to expand and grow your ice cream business, it is still possible to move ahead with them.

Just remember that you may need to get a bit more creative with where you search for these opportunities. Keep your eyes open and your imagination working.

Are there restaurants in your area that may no longer find it cost effective to have in-house ice cream? See if there is a way to provide this for them.

Do large-scale events, such as sports games and concerts, regularly take place in your community?

Look into purchasing the equipment that would make selling your ice cream products at these events possible.

The economy may not always be reliable. But by following the above guidelines, you should be able to keep your ice cream business steady and recession proof!

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