Frozen Custard – An Egg-Stremely Cool Business Model

Frozen custard is one of the most mysterious frozen dessert items ever invented. Ask 10 different people what it is and you’re apt to get 10 different responses.

The dessert was actually created in the early part of the 20th century by Arthur Abbott. While attempting to perfect his ice cream recipe, he experimented with adding an egg to his mix. Much to his surprise and delight, his ice cream became much smoother and creamier.

He travelled around with his new, creamier creation and by the 1930s his product had spread far and wide, from the east coast all the way to the Midwest, which became the largest frozen custard producer in the entire world.

So, is frozen yogurt technically an ice cream? Technically yes, but, according to the FDA, unlike traditional ice cream, frozen custard contains at least 1.4 % egg yolk. While other ice creams may contain some egg yolk, only the custard variety contains at least the 1.4%.

There are other interesting differences between traditional ice cream and frozen custard. Special machines are used which freeze the custard quickly to avoid large crystal formation. You know, that icy quality that often happens with ice cream.

Another major difference is the temperature at which the dessert is served. Ice cream is usually served at 10 degrees Fahrenheit, while custard is served at 18 degrees. This, along with the amount of egg yolk, lends itself to the superior creaminess.

Generally speaking, frozen custard is the fresher choice. Batches of the delicious frozen treat are usually made at least every two hours, whereas many ice creams are made in large batches and served many days later.

The Advantages of a Frozen Custard Business

Well, if you haven’t read already, frozen custard is not your ordinary frozen dessert item. Although many people have a hard time articulating what it is exactly, they know once they’ve tried it that it is simply different than anything else. So, opening up a shop in your town means offering something unique to customers, something that once they try, will make them come back for more.

Opening up one of these businesses means making people happy with a product that is essentially recession-proof. Even in the worst economies, people are willing to spend a few dollars on a delicious frozen treat for their family.

Ensure Your Success with a Frozen Yogurt Business Plan

Be part of the frozen dessert industry, which generates $21.4 billion in annual revenues globally,  and  make a comfortable six-figure income in your home town or you can expand to own multiple locations and become a millionaire.

Of course, an important part of any business’ success is creating a well thought-out business plan. This can be an invaluable tool for starting and growing a profitable frozen custard business.

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