Italian Ice – Say “Ciao” to a Profitable Business

Italian ice is known by many different names, from “granita” in Italian itself to “sorbet” in French. But most people just call it delicious. Although some people lump this frozen treat into the same category as ice cream, it is actually quite different in that it contains no dairy products whatsoever.  The main ingredients are water, sugar, and flavoring. This means people who are lactose intolerant can also enjoy a frozen treat on a hot summer’s day.

Many people don’t know the real origins of Italian ice. Since it’s called ‘Italian’ we assume that that is the country of origin but there are many cultures who seem to share credit when it comes to the creation of this frozen treat such as the Turkish, Arab, European, Chinese and French cultures. It is said that the first ice was an accident that came about when someone left Sharbat, a syrupy fruit drink, on ice for too long.

The Advantages of Opening an Italian Ice Business

One of the biggest advantages to this business model is that you have the option of opening a traditional shop, or creating a mobile business out of a truck or cart. The benefit of mobility, obviously, is that you don’t have to wait for customers to come to you, you can go to them. Wherever crowds gather, especially in the summertime months, is a perfect spot to set up your Italian Ice cart or truck.

As mentioned earlier, a main benefit of selling Italian ice is that your customer base is larger. This frozen dessert often has fewer claries than traditional ice cream so it draws the health-conscious crowds, and because it contains no dairy products, it can be eaten by those who are lactose intolerant.

Compared to other frozen dessert business models, the Italian ice business has relatively low start up costs and minimal overhead. For $10,000 or less, it’s possible to buy a cart, ingredients and be up and running your business fast.

Take a Shortcut to Success with a Detailed Italian Ice Business Plan

Italian ice is a part of the frozen dessert industry, which generates $21.4 billion in annual revenues globally. As an Italian ice business owner, it is possible to make a comfortable six-figure income in your home town or you can expand to own multiple locations and become a millionaire.

Of course, an important part of any business’ success is creating a well thought-out business plan. This can be an invaluable tool for starting and growing a profitable Italian ice business.

italian-ice-bplan* Key Industry Facts & Figures

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* Up-to-Date Research and Analysis

* Detailed Business Description

* Critical Ratios and Calculations

* Financial Forms

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* Complete Marketing & Operations Plan

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