Coconut Milk Ice Cream: An Alternative to Dairy Based Ice Cream

Are you lactose intolerant? Or are you sick of factory farming an no longer want to eat animal by products? Or maybe you just want something that is better for the environment?

Well, look no further. A company called Coconut Bliss has started making ice cream made from coconut milk and other all natural products. This ice cream is said to taste just as good if not better than regular ice cream and you can feel great eating it too!

It’s better for the environment to use coconuts versus cows milk. It saves on green house gas emissions (cows expel methane gases and their feed is generally shipped in from other areas). It s also better than soy as it has been documented that soy fields are creeping into the rain forest causing deforestation.

So if you are considering offering a new product on the menu coconut milk ice cream would be a great feel good option and would increase your customer base to the lactose intolerant.

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