Cold Molds

Manufacturers of a line of flexible ice cream molds for your ice cream shop to make ice cream cakes and other frozen novelties.

One of the major benefits to producing cakes and novelties in your store is that you will be able to keep your employees profitably busy during your slow times. Our molds provide a neat and professional presentation. Best of all, they make novelties easy to produce.

Even your “least enthusiastic” employee should be able to turn out high quality novelties and cakes with our systems.

We are proud and excited to offer our “Cold Mold” brand cake molds to the Ice Cream Industry. We know that if you try Cold Molds, you’ll quickly see how much better they are for the production of ice cream cakes. The time savings alone will convince you of their value. And their durability makes them a wise investment in the profitability of your operation.

Cold Molds are manufactured from a highly flexible, FDA approved, Silicone Rubber. They are very well suited to the manufacture of ice cream cakes and are far superior to aluminum and spring form cake molds.