Do You Have What It Takes to Own A Dairy Queen Franchise?

If you are thinking of opening your own soft-serve shop you might be wondering if you would be able to afford opening a Dairy Queen Franchise.  This type of franchise is harder to get because it is known as a Mega-Brand franchise. Applying for a Diary Queen Franchise is hard; like trying to get into a select university that only accepts wealthy people.

There are actually two choices of franchises available. There is the DQ Grill & Chill, or the DQ Orange Julius Treat Center. You have to choose the concept that best suits you and then submit an application request.  In order to qualify for franchising you must have at least  $400,000 in liquid assets and $300,000 in equity.

It costs  $895,000 to 1,195,000 for 2048 sq. ft. building that seats 48 people, and $1,080,000 to $1,370,000 for 2709 sq. ft. building that seats 78.  Furthermore, Dairy Queen does not build in every state for one reason or another.

Currently there are over 5900 Dairy Queen locations in the United States and Canada.  If you meet the financial requirements you may meet their other location requirements as well; all you can do is apply.



Photo By Everyguy (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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