Double Flavors in Double Sugar Cones

Double sugar cones are becoming more of a common sight in the ice cream industry just simply because there are so many more exotic ice cream flavors in the world for customers to try. Furthermore ice cream “pairings” are becoming more popular. On their chalk boards and in person ice cream parlour employees are suggesting gourmet matching. For instance a scoop of Wild Strawberry Sorbet on one side of the double sugar cone goes well with a scoop of Champagne Sorbet on the other side. Peanut butter ice cream can pair up with chocolate, Coconut ice cream can pair up with banana and Maple ice cream can be sidled up next to a Pecan Ice Cream for a real tasty treat.

Many companies produce these double sugar cones nowadays. Joy Cone, which has been serving cake, sugar and waffle ice cream cones to the ice cream business since 1918 is one good place to order them online.



Photo By Cherry Darlin’ (originally posted to Flickr as I scream You scream) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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