Cafe Mia Gelato Franchise

cafe mia gelato franchise

CaféMia gelato franchise
16916-A Birkdale Commons Parkway
Huntersville North Carolina 28078
United States


CaféMia gelato franchise Business Description:

CaféMia is a remarkable gelato boutique. We have created an exciting brand that combines old world handcrafted traditions with cutting edge retail concepts. We are poised to successfully execute the best strategy due to some of the following characteristics which clearly differentiate us from other competitors in the market:

Let’s face it, the “ice cream-only” model is an extremely risky proposition in a highly competitive retail world. Mono product competitors that sell only ice cream or frozen yogurt have a very difficult time surviving outside of very particular market conditions. Although freshly-made gelato is clearly the centerpiece of CaféMia’s product offerings— we are much more than just a gelato shop. We have designed our product offerings to address four distinct ‘dayparts’ which create a very stable revenue stream. Very few competitors do this. None do it as well as CaféMia.

Our store procedures, recipes and management systems have been designed to facilitate day to day operations and create a consistent experience. We are not a full service restaurant— we aim for stores no larger than 2,000 square feet in order to keep things simple, streamlined and consistent.

Every CaféMia product offering has a “wow factor”. The gelato is fresh, silky and intensely flavored. The paninis are made using warm, crusty ciabatta bread and premium ingredients. The chocolates and pastries are blissful and indulgent. In short, everything has been selected to create a unique customer experience.

The frozen desserts in the U.S. represent more than a $21 billion market. The super premium segment has grown twice the rate of the overall industry. People clearly love really good ice cream. Gelato is merely the purest, most indulgent, healthiest form of ice cream in the world. Gelato buzz getting stronger all the time. CaféMia is the best positioned company to take advantage of this major market opportunity.

Beautiful curved glass Italian gelato cases, high definition LCD menu screens, stylish modern design furniture, an award-winning brand identity— everything is part of a carefully crafted environment that is CaféMia and that resonates with our target customers.