Funari’s Italian Creamery

Funari’s Italian Creamery
1100 Shetter Avenue Suite #102
Jacksonville Beach Florida 32250
United States

Funari’s Italian Creamery Business Description:

When I was a little boy, my Italian grandfather used to treat me to luscious homemade gelato. Later in life, as big ice cream fans, my wife Dawn and I knew that gelato’s smooth texture, rich consistency, and delicious flavor could only be found in this old world delicacy.

After we found the secret family recipes for the family’s delicious gelato hidden away in an old trunk, brought over years ago from Italy, we started making small batches for friends and family.

The demand grew and grew, until we finally decided to open our own store to sell the delicious and freshly made gelato! And that’s how Funari’s Italian Creamery® got started.