Gelato as an Artistic Canvas – Give Flavors Eye Appeal!

Selling any type of food is all about making it as artistic looking as possible and this is very true of any type of treat you might be trying to sell.

First off the case or cooler that you are serving the food up in must be hygienic and sterile looking. Secondly, it is one thing to just lump your gelato into the serving containers and stick a scoop into it and it is quite another to have it swirled attractively and decorated with garnishes that add to it’s visual appeal.

For instance, the gelato vendor below went to some trouble to add a bit of graphic design to his Croccangelo gelato using zigzags of chocolate syrup to add visual interest to the caramel cream gelato.  Notice how the Tiramisu ice cream is decorated with lady fingers just like a real bowl of Tiramisu would be and the Cinnamon gelato is decorated with clove sticks laid out in a cross pattern. 

The green Menta ice cream (Italian for Mint) would just be a neon green blob in the tray without the chocolate chips sprinkled decoratively on top. Once again, decorating your ice cream trays like you would a cake gives the flavor an exciting twist that makes your customer feel like they are eating something special. Once you have convinced them that they are eating something a little bit rare, you can also charge them a bit more!


 Photo by Donna Lypchuk 2011. All Rights Reserved.

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