How to Measure Your Ice Cream Shop’s Marketing Efforts

Advertise and Learn
As with any business you want to test a variety of advertising mechanisms. A good way to find effective advertising methods is to speak with other franchisees and ice cream shop owners outside your market.

Also, take notice of ads that you see appearing repeatedly for other similar businesses. Repeat advertising is an indication of a successful ad placement.

Another closing piece of advice is to read all you can about
business advertising. Take a trip to your local Barnes and Noble or Borders and search through their marketing section.

You will likely find dozens of good ideas and techniques to help you with this important aspect of your ice cream business.

If you want to read more about marketing your ice cream shop, a great guide for you to read is called “Double Your Dipping” and you can read more about it by clicking on the link below.
Double Your Dipping – Ice Cream Shop Marketing Guide

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