Ice Cream Franchise Financing Information

Despite the Department of Commerce having proclaimed the success rate of franchises to be 90% compared to other small businesses success rate of only 40%, you will still find it difficult to borrow money to start your Ice Cream franchise.

Most franchises require a large initial investment and liquid capital available for the franchise company to use as insurance. There are several different ways to attain the capital needed to open your Ice Cream franchise. You can obtain a loan from the bank or family and friends. You can also use your credit card, but you must watch those high finance charge rates.

If you are unable to secure a loan or use your credit cards as equity, then you should try reaching the United States Small Business Association. The SBA offers guarantees on 90% of loans up to $155,000 and 85% of the remainder up to $750,000 total. The interest rates on these loans vary but are usually quite reasonable. The terms of the agreement range from 5 to 25 years.

Some state and local governments also offer financing options for franchise owners to encourage small business development. However, each state varies on what they do and don’t offer. Check in with your local government to see what options they have available.

Typically the Ice Cream franchise you choose to affiliate with will connect you with a preferred lender and help you work out the terms.

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