Ice Cream Franchise Support: How Helpful is Corporate?

You’re considering starting an ice cream business and part of you wants to buy a franchise because of all the added support you’ll receive from your corporate headquarters. But how much support can you expect? What does the franchise support mean to you? How does it help?

We asked our ice cream franchise veteran Paul what he thought of the corporate support he received. Here’s what he had to say…

“My experience was unique. Since my parents started our ice cream franchise, by the time I got involved the franchisor was playing less of an active roll supporting us. By the time I came along they acted as more of a monitoring and maintenance group. We were up and running and doing very well on our own.

Corporate would come down and inspect our facilities to make sure the operation was running properly. On these visits they’d help share best practices and give us advice for improving sales and customer retention. They were also active during the early stages of our franchise with the site selection.”

It’s not always like this. Other franchisees found corporate to be much more involved daily. It will depend on the franchise you select.

The Bottom Line on Corporate Support…
It’s not uncommon for franchises to provide more support in the early stages. It’s like teaching someone to ride a bike. As the franchisees learn the support becomes less important.

Typically the type of support that franchisees find most beneficial includes…

1. A winning system that has been proven
2. An training program
3. Assistance with site location
4. Territorial protection from other franchisees
5. Strategy and technological advancements
6. National advertising
7. Strong national brand image

Your franchise is there to support you. In some cases you will need to seek help when you require it. Talk to other franchisees to find out what they found to be most helpful with the franchise you are investigating.

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