Instead of a Root Beer Float Serve a Lime Spider!

Most traditional ice cream parlors and even ice cream trucks still serve “floats.” This is a carbonated drink poured over ice cream and sometimes topped with whipped cream and a cherry. It is served with a straw and a long spoon in a soda glass.

The most common floats that are served are root beer floats and coke floats but they are also made with orange and grape pop, Dr. Pepper, gingerale and even Fresca. However these floats are loaded with sugar and not that health concious.

The latest craze for a healthier float has resulted in the invention of the Spider which is basically generous scoops of vanilla gelato and ice cream and that is then topped up cordial with soda water. Some recipes call for it to be topped up with 7Up or Sprite. It is called a spider because the bright color of the cordial seeps up and down the glass after the soda water is poured.

To make a Lime Spider put ice cream in the bottom of glass, top it with two ounces of Lime Cordial and then top it once again with soda water. You can add a lime garnish, a tall spoon and a straw for a wonderful, refreshing float that you can market to your customers as being a little healthier than regular carbonated drink and ice cream creations.

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