We sell over 100 different snowball flavors and snow cone syrups. Our syrups are available Ready to Use and in concentrates.

We also sell a full line of ice cream supplies such as ice cream cones, toppings, chopped candy pieces and any paper supplies you may need. We even have the ice your need for your shaved ice business.

The Koldkiss Snowshaver is the most heavy duty, high output ice shaver available on the market today. Our shaver will make the best shaved ice! Here is a short list of the types of products we carry:

* Ice shavers
* Snowball and snow cone syrups
* Ice cream and snowball toppings
* Bottles and Caps
* Ice cream containers
* spoons, straws, spoons and scoops
* Carry out trays
* Paper and foam cups
* Napkins