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Having trouble keeping your employees busy during down time? Many ice cream shop owners wrestle with this issue on a daily basis. So, how can shop owners solve this problem?

I recently spoke with Russ and he believes he has the solution. He is the owner of Cold Molds and he suggests that employees use his molds to make products during down time. The employees will keep busy making professional looking products that will lead to more profits. Needless to say, I had to pick Russ’s brain for more information.

Cold Molds Defined
Cold Molds are flexible silicone ice cream molds. They are made from an FDA approved silicone rubber. We have cake molds, ice cream bar molds, ice cream tartufo (tart) molds, as well as a unique 3” disk mold which can be used for ice cream bars on or off the stick, or as inserts for cookie sandwiches.

Cold Molds Advantages
The main advantage to our molds is their ease of use. Getting a perfect product out of our molds is as simple as peeling off a rubber glove. No greasing our molds, no heating our molds. Just put the ice cream in, freeze the mold and peel out your perfect product. In addition, you can
also bake in our molds. We have made cheesecake in our ice cream bar molds, frozen it and covered it in chocolate.

Cold Mold’s Concept
Our journey into the ice cream business began on a boat. A few years ago, my wife and I were running a charter sailing business on our 36′ sailboat “Quiet Time”, we always went out for ice cream. So, we started the ICE CREAM BOAT and it was a phenomenal success!

After running the boat for a few years, my wife and I decided to parlay the success of the ice cream boat into a retail location. We had always planned to make our own novelties for the boat. The challenge, as it turned out,
was that there was no cost effective, easy way to make ice cream pops.

Not too long after opening the store, we stumbled across some flexible cake pans that were designed for baking. We decided to give them a try for ice cream cakes and they were awesome!

No more wrestling with cold metal pans, half melted cakes and DE-formed spring forms. We were in love. Now, how about using this flexible material to make pop molds? No one made them. We solved that problem by making them ourselves.

Through extensive research, we learned about injection molding, FDA approved materials and manufacturing techniques. We then found a manufacturing plant and they helped make our pop molds a reality. We now have a patent pending and we are committed to developing new designs to help you increase profits. Our molds have allowed us to create the finest novelties available anywhere and we want to help you have the same.

Can you tell our audience a little bit about how offering ice cream cakes and pops can help their business?
Ice cream novelties not only help to increase sales and help your workforce stay busy, they also allow you to market your products in creative ways. Our ice cream boat not only generates profits, it generates A LOT of attention.

We have had full-page press in all of the local papers, the NEW YORK TIMES and the nationally circulated “Boating” magazine. Even if you do not make your own ice cream, you can scoop the product you purchase into Cold Molds and make some very unique desserts that can become your specialty.

Tips for Making Professional Looking Specialty Cakes and Pops
Use the finest possible ingredients. Your ice cream cakes and novelties are like flavor billboards for your store. Start with good ingredients and use proper ice cream making technique to produce a high quality end product. This will ultimately promote your store.

Typical Prices Charged for Cakes and Pops
We charge $2 to $4 for ice cream bars and $18 to $32 for ice cream cakes.

Any Employees Can Make Pops and Cakes
Even the really stupid ones. You just need to supervise them more closely. Seriously, even our 9 year old can use these molds.

Advantages of Making Cakes, Pops and Ice Cream Sandwiches Versus Buying Them
It improves your profit margin, allows you to offer the products you want and it allows you to promote your store through your high quality products.

Even if you do not make your own ice cream, you can scoop the product you purchase into Cold Molds and make some very unique desserts that can become your specialty.

Mistakes to avoid
Using lesser quality ingredients, not manufacturing cold enough and getting ice crystals.

Russ gave some wise advice for those looking to enter the ice cream business, “ Get ready for long hours, have plenty of fun and put your best product forward!” So, give cold molds a try and make your ice cream shop more profitable.

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