Matt’s Supreme Cones

At Matt’s, we seek to constantly improve our products by listening to our customers.

In short, customer feedback becomes the blueprint for our cone manufacturing process. Our cones feature a home made appearance, thicker walls, and a tight weave design.

For superior strength, we manufacture the cones with a unique crosshatch pattern both inside and out. A unique “golden point” also adds strength and prevents leakage.

Understanding that one or two sizes do notĀ fill the needs of every ice cream operation. Matt’s Supreme Cones is proud to offer the largest pre-made waffle cone assortment in the industry.

Our waffle cones are available in six sizes and three flavors – vanilla, chocolate and cinnamon. Always looking for innovative new ways to serve ice cream, we offer an array of specialty cones and shapes.

Matt’s has developed a multi-step packaging system to give our cones the best possible protection. First, we shrink-wrap our cones together in sleeves to assure freshness and prevent individual cones from sliding and breaking.

Then, we pack the sleeves into re-sealable bubble bags, providing the ultimate “cushioned ride” for cone transport. Next, the bubble-wrapped sleeves are placed into stackable compartmentalized trays, which are then placed into a strong master case.