Popular Ice Cream Novelties

Popular Ice Cream Novelties


When you are thinking about opening an ice cream shop, it is important to know what are the most popular ice cream novelties.  With a nice variety of ice cream novelties, it will help your business attract more customers.


1.  Ice Cream Bars


Ice Cream Bars come in a wide array of choices.  You can find this ice cream novelty covered with chocolate, with or without nuts.  They can come covered with sprinkles, rainbow or just chocolate.  These ice cream novelties can also come in a variety of shapes, such as animals, which is important to remember if your location is near an attraction with an animal theme or perhaps a sports venue with a team with an animal mascot.  This would be a great way to tie your business in with the community.


2.  Ice Cream Sandwiches


Ice cream sandwiches are one of the most popular ice cream novelties.  Today ice cream sandwiches are available in a wide assortment of flavors.  The traditional vanilla ice cream that is “sandwiched” between two slices of chocolate wafers is always a crowd pleaser.  Yet, nowadays you can find strawberry ice cream sandwiches, chocolate ice cream sandwiches, or what is rapidly becoming a new favorite, Neapolitan ice cream sandwiches.  The Neapolitan ice cream novelty gives the consumer the opportunity to decide what flavor to attack first, which adds to the overall fun of the treat.


3.  Candy Bar Ice Cream


Today many candy bar manufacturers also make a version of their candy bar in an ice cream novelty form.  These can be an appetizing alternative for a customer who comes into your shop and does not want traditional ice cream.  You can find popular candy bar ice cream novelties from Snickers, Twix, Crunch, and Heath just to name a few.  By using candy bar ice cream, you have consumers that are already familiar with the product in its natural state and are likely to give the ice cream novelty version of the favorite candy a try.


4.  Ice Cream Cones


A popular alternative to fresh made ice cream cones are pre-packaged ice cream cone novelties that can be kept in a freezer that your customers can self-serve and pick out their favorite.  Pre-packaged ice cream cone novelties come in a variety of options.  One of the most popular pre-packaged ice cream cones comes with nuts as a topping.  You can also find ice cream novelty cones with crushed cookies as a topping, along with other options that are available from wholesalers.


5.  Fruit Bars


It is important as an operator of an ice cream store that you do not forget about your customers that might want a healthier alternative to ice cream.  This is a great chance for you to introduce them to a line of fruit bars.  There is an almost an infinite number of choices when it comes to fruit bars.  You could start with a wide variety of flavors to see which are the most popular and then par down to what sells the most.   By offering a fruit option with the other ice cream novelties you have in your store you will widen your clientele and increase your profits.

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