The Cone Guys

Retail Display
Though our retail canisters are eye-catching in their own-right, they will be even more so when housed in this convenient and sturdy display case. Giving these gourmet ice cream cones the attention they deserve will undoubtedly bolster your retail canister sales.

Formed out of durable cardboard and decorated as The Cone Zone, this colorful stand is more than tough enough to handle the throngs of people flocking to your shop for our cones. While the display is designed to hold 60 of our retail canisters, you may have trouble keeping the shelves stocked!

4-Cone Dispenser
The Cone Guys have developed a dispenser specifically for holding our gourmet ice cream cones. Made out of clear, molded plastic, the dispenser features four mounted cylinders to hold each of our four cone varieties. The cones are swiftly and easily taken out from the underside and are ready to be filled, all the while remaining untouched in their protective cone jackets.

The dispenser is a great option for ensuring freshness, decreasing the possibility of breakage and keeping track of your gourmet cone supply. When the quantity is low, it’s time to reorder!