Should You Make Traditional Sundaes?

Part of your job as an owner of an ice cream shop is to conceptualize it in your business plan. For instance, if you are running a frozen yogurt shop you are better off making it look all shiny and electric like a Pinkberry franchise then you are trying to make it look like a retro ice cream parlor. In other words it can be a marketing mistake to mix up your butterscotch sundaes served in a traditional tall glass with your green tea yogurt served in clear plastic bowls.

The bottom line is that you should decide who and what you are going to be, decide on an era and a theme and then make sure that everything including the product on the menu, the illustrations on your business cards, the seating in your restaurant, and what type of glassware you use to serve your sundaes in fits in with that concept. For instance, if you are serving a healthy tart yogurt do not try and top it with non-health-conscious maraschino cherries or you will look like an amateur. On the other hand a maraschino cherry does look exactly right perched on top of a butterscotch sundae (that is made with a syrup that contains artificial flavoring and a lot of sugar) and is served in an old-fashioned heavy green fountain glass.


Photo By Flickr user: i.rene.m.hsu.Badagnani at en.wikipedia [CC-BY-2.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons

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