Soft Serve Sprinkles Extreme

As a seller of hard ice cream, soft serve yogurt or soft-serve ice cream you might be wondering what inexpensive thing you can do to make your cones look more artistic or festive.

One of the simplest techniques for perking up a plain ice cream cone of any kind is to simply roll it in sprinkles. You may have seen this done with hard ice cream but it is equally easy to just dip a soft serve dessert cone in a bin of sprinkles.

You could use multi-colored sprinkles like in the photograph below and call it a special birthday cone or the Sprinkles Extreme Special. Yet another thing you can do is roll the cone is colors that suit a holiday. For instance, for Halloween you could roll the cone in orange and black sprinkles. For Christmas you could use red and green sprinkles and for Valentine’s Day you could use red and pink ones.

You can also use sprinkles to make a cone look more extremely like it’s flavor. For instance, a chocolate soft serve cone looks all the more chocolate-like when rolled in brown sprinkles.

The main logic behind using sprinkles is that they are so cheap. You can buy them in bulk and using them to decorate your cones. This costs a lot less then using fruit, dips or real coconut on your cones.


Photo By Jason Lam (Flickr: 02 Mister Softee soft serve sprinkled dip) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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