The Gelato Trend Towards Big Fruit Displays


If you are selling gelato in your ice cream or gelato specialty shop then you might want to be aware that the latest trend in product display is to drop an entire piece of fruit onto the surface of the gelato.  For instance, in the photo above there is a large green apple on the green apple gelato, big ripe raspberries and strawberries plopped on thier respective gelato flavors and an entire lemon on top of the lemon gelato. In some shops you will also see large wedges of watermelon, whole melons and half cantoloupes arranged attractively on beds of gelato as well.

This type of presentation serves three purposes.  First of all, the type of fruit dropped on top of the gelato tells the customer automaticlaly what the flavor of the gelato might possibly be. This can, in some instances, even eliminate the need for any signage on your cooler.  Secondly the entire piece of fruit is attractive and has a rustic effect. It makes your customers think that they are shopping for a gelato cone at an outdoor market in Southern Italy.  Thirdly, fresh fruit dropped on a bed of gelato also subconciously gives your customers the idea that the gelato is also freshly made.

Arranging whole, uncut pieces of fruit on your gelato flavors in your display is not just the trendiest thing to do; it is a tradition that goes back a couple of centuries in Europe that has come back to be part of the contemporary gelato parlor in 2011.



Photo by Donna Lypchuk 2011. All Rights Reserved.

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