The Toughest Part of Owning an Ice Cream Franchise?

As with any business, when it comes to owning and operating a successful ice cream franchise there are a few challenges.

Most people know before getting started in any business that in order to be successful the hours will be long. You’ll need to work hard. That’s a given.

“We never really had a problem getting business. We advertised and worked hard to become a part of our community…” Said Paul an ice cream business veteran.

So what was the hardest part of running our ice cream franchise?
Finding good and reliable help is the response from the majority of the business owners we spoke with.

It’s the same with any retail business you need good people and a steady supply of them. This is a universal challenge so it should not deter anyone from pursuing their own ice cream business vs. any other.

“We keep a file of applications and don’t hesitate to introduce yourself to friendly and talented people who might be interested in working with you.”

There are businesses I visit daily that have a bright cheerful staff that greets you as you walk through the door. Finding good help is important and if you can master hiring good enthusiastic employees and motivating them, you will be miles ahead in any business. It’s well worth sitting down with some business owners you see doing this successfully and find out their secrets.

What else is tough about the ice cream business?
A distant second is the hours during the startup phase. You can easily put in 15-16 hour days getting things running smoothly and building up a customer base. Since most of this happens in the early stages when a new business owner is aggressive and full of energy it’s quickly forgotten as the business builds a full head of steam.

Minimize Problems A poorly run business will breed problems. The best way to minimize the problems you have in your business is to identify them quickly and attack them. Learn all you can from trusted mentors, books and seminars. Knowledge combined with action can help you creatively overcome most problems.

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