What is the Cost of Soft Serve Ice Cream Mix?

The typical cost for soft serve mix is $45-60/case. Many distributors offer a lower price when you purchase in higher quantities. Keep in mind that cases can vary in size. Depending on the case size, on average a case will yield 540-720 gallons of finished product.

The cost of mix also depends on if you are purchasing liquid or powder. Liquid mix has a higher shipping cost due to its weight. It can also be more costly to order liquid mix as you will need to order it more often than powdered mix due to it’s shorter shelf life.

Yet another factor when it comes to cost is type of product you want to offer. There are many types of mixes that cater to different heath needs, such as: non-dairy, sugar free, gluten free and kosher. You will likely pay a little more for a specialized type of mix versus a plain mix.

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