What to Ask Your Ice Cream Franchise Sales Representative

When you are selecting a franchise you should make sure to do your homework. A large part of doing your research to find the right opportunity for you is to ask the right questions. Here is a list of the top questions you should ask when evaluating an ice cream franchise opportunity.

1. How are you different from other franchise opportunities?

2. What measures do you take to limit employee theft?

3. How do you protect your franchisees from encroachment ?

4. What measures are written into their contract to protect your territory from corporate or other franchisees?

5. How do you help your franchisees to limit their exposure to seasonality trends?

6. What territories do you have available for development?

7. How do you qualify your franchisees?

8. What is the average amount of time before a franchise becomes profitable?

9. Is financing available?

10. What is the success ratio for new franchisees?

11. What relationship do the franchisees have with the franchisor?

12. Who’s your competition?

13. How closely do you allow other franchisees to develop?

14. What kind of experience do I need to be considered as a franchisee?

15. What are the financial requirements to become a franchisee?

16. How long does it take to become a franchisee?

17. When can I review your Uniform Offering Circular?

18. What are the royalties and fees associated with running your franchise?

19. What is the typical square footage required for your franchise opportunity?

It’s also important to make sure that you are honest and ask yourself some questions to determine if a franchise is right for you. Here is a list of questions you should ask yourself before buying a franchise:

1. How well does this business fit my personality?

2. Is this companies business practices consistent with my values and work ethic?

3. Can I handle the pressure and responsibility of being my own boss?

4. Do I have the time necessary to devote to making this work?

5. Do I have the money necessary to pursue this business opportunity?

These questions should help you learn if the franchise you are investigating is right for you. However, in addition, we always recommend you talk to other franchisees currently operating the franchise you are reviewing to get their feedback.

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