Frozen Yogurt – The Business That Makes People Happy and Healthy

Many entrepreneurs who are looking for profitable business models are considering Frozen Yogurt, and for good reason. The Froyo market has exploded in recent years and more and more shops are popping up all over the country as demand from consumers has increased.

Not only is frozen yogurt a healthy alternative to traditional ice cream, it just tends to make people happy, and in that sense it’s a win/win for business.

Frozen yogurt wasn’t always the darling of the frozen treat world, however. Started back in the 1970s by H. P. Hood, it was considered at first by many to be too tart. Manufacturers quickly began to experiment with their recipes, adding more sugar, and by the 1980s frozen yogurt sales really began to take off.  In fact, in 1986 sales for froyo reached $25 million and by the early part of the 1990s, it had captured 10% of the frozen dessert market shares.

Since then there have been many frozen yogurt stores that have opened up such as Yogen Fruz, Red Mango, Pinkberry, Yogurtland and Menchie’s, not to mention all of the independent mom-and-pop shops in towns all over the country.

The Advantages of Opening a Frozen Yogurt Business

Perhaps the biggest advantage of this business model is the steadily-increasing sales. In the United States alone, the frozen yogurt dessert industry generates $21.4 billion in annual revenue. That figure is expected to continue to rise over the next five years as more and more people make healthier eating choices.

Another advantage is breaking into this lucrative business is easier than many others. Today, small business owners with a solid plan can easily claim some of that revenue for themselves. Not only do froyo shop owners stand to earn a significant yearly income, but this income is essentially recession proof. Even in the worst economies people will spend a little money to treat themselves and their families to a delicious frozen treat.

Frozen Yogurt is a part of the frozen dessert industry, which generates $21.4 billion in annual revenues in the United States alone. As a frozen yogurt business owner, it is possible to make a comfortable recession-proof income in your home town or you can expand to own multiple locations and become a millionaire.

As if those advantages weren’t enough, many frozen yogurt business are set up as a self-serve business model. This means customers serve themselves, which many prefer, and the business owner can then cut the number of employees necessary to run the business. Fewer employees means reduced wages and benefits, and that means a more profitable business.

Take a Shortcut to Success with a Detailed Frozen Yogurt Business Plan

An important part of entrepreneurial success is the planning process and having a well thought business plan can be an invaluable tool for starting and growing a profitable frozen yogurt shop.

frozen-yogurt-business-plan* Key Frozen Yogurt Industry Facts & Figures

* Just Add in Your Shop’s Details

* Up-to-Date Research and Analysis

* Detailed Business Description

* Critical Ratios and Calculations

* Financial Forms

* Expense and Income Estimates

* Complete Marketing & Operations Plan

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