Do You Have What It Takes to Run A Pinkberry Franchise?

In the last five years one of the most popular franchises to own in the soft serve dessert industry is a Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt shop. This shiny, pristine store with it’s contemporary look, pink soft yogurt and plethora of natural toppings is a big hit wherever it opens. In fact, you could say it is a guaranteed money maker. However, like most franchisors, Pinkberry just...

What is the Difference Between Frozen Yogurt and Ice Cream?

Frozen Yogurt is generally a healthier alternative to ice cream. Typically, it consists of lower or non-fat yogurt, a sweetener, gelatin, corn syrup, and flavoring. The mixture can be added to an Ice Cream Machine/Maker and can come in a variety of flavors similar to ice cream. It also melts much slower than ice cream and recently the “pro-biotic” varieties have become popular. The taste...

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