Make Money and People Smile at the Same Time with Ice Cream!

If I told you ice cream has been around in one variety or another for thousands of years, would you believe me? It’s true. It seems almost as if there hasn’t been a time when humans didn’t love the stuff. There are historical reports that Marco Polo returned from one of his famous expeditions and brought with him fruit-flavored ices which he claimed the Asians had been making for thousands of years.

These frozen delicacies became all the rage during the 1500s in France, but only among royalty of course. Over the next 200 years ice cream evolved, and by the 1700s it became a dessert that is very similar to what we enjoy today.

The very first ice cream parlor to open up in the United States was in 1776 in New York City, and decade after decade it seems more and more parlors have opened to keep up with the demand for this delicious frozen dessert.

Advantages of an Ice Cream Business

If ever you’ve wanted to know what it’s like to be the most popular kid in school, become an ice cream shop owner. Without a doubt your business will be one of the most popular in your town or city. Think about it, not only do you offer people a product they already love and even crave, you also provide an atmosphere where people congregate and celebrate special moments in their lives. Is there a better advantage than that?

There are other advantages as well, like a low barrier to entry, a recession proof product and an increase in popularity of niche or gourmet ice cream shops. Now’s your time to get in on one of the fastest-growing trends in the frozen dessert industry.

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Ice cream is part of the frozen dessert industry, which generates $21.4 billion in annual revenues globally. As an ice cream business owner, it’s very possible to make a comfortable six-figure income in your home town selling a product people love.

Of course, an important part of any business’ success is creating a well thought-out business plan. This can be an invaluable tool for starting and growing a profitable ice cream business.

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