Characteristics of a Winning Ice Cream Franchise Concept

“What characteristics do you see in the best ice cream franchises?”

To be successful you need to have a novelty. Something that is unique that has lots of draw. Perhaps it’s how you prepare your ice cream. Or maybe it’s the fact that you have a large variety of delicious flavors. Make sure there is something unique.

A franchise with an experience will bring the customer back. Remember, many places sell ice cream. People can buy it at the store or at a fast food drive through.

What draw do you have that gets them into your store for your product?

Dairy Queen had a trademark swirl they’d put at the top of each of their soft serve cones. A special little trademark that made them memorable.

What’s your swirl? What makes your franchise unique?

Another great example is Starbucks coffee shops. Believe it or not, many of its best patrons are NOT crazy about Starbucks coffee, but they go anyway for the experience! Starbucks offers a clean cozy atmosphere, music and the other people that the location attracts.

At my ice cream shop we differentiated ourselves by making all of our ice cream fresh on the premesis and delivering it with a friendly smile. That’s what made us unique. People will pay extra for quality and good service.

Tips to picking a successful ice cream franchise:

1. select a franchise that offers something unique
2. find a franchise that offers products that will sell during seasonally slow periods
3. look for a franchise with a strong brand and longevity

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