Colorful Plastic Bowls for Holding Gelato and Sundaes

One of the latest trends for serving gelato or ice cream is to serve it in delicate, thin plastic disposable bowls. These types of bowls are made out of recycled plastic and are meant to be recycled again. Not only are they cost-effective but ice cream and gelato looks pretty in them. You can mix and match sizes and also colors so that they best suit the color of the ice cream inside of them.

Furthermore these colorful plastic bowls have a very narrow base so that they are easier to hold in a single hand.In terms of usability they are comparable to holding a waffle bowl in your hand with the difference being that you do not eat this type of ice cream vessel after you are done your treat.

A nice touch is to get transclucent plastic spoons to match the bowls. In the photo above you will see a fish bowl full of these utensils and stacks of bowls ready to serve ice cream in.

Using different colored bowls has another intention as well. You can use the different colors as codes to help determine what the price of the product should be.



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