Disappearing bees threaten ice cream sales

CNNMoney.com is reporting that the recent disappearance of bee colonies in the U.S. could pose a major threat to the ice cream business.

One-third of the U.S food supply – including various fruits and vegetables – depends on pollination from bees. Haagen-Dazs, who use all natural ingredients, are growing especially concerned since they use a lot of natural honey in their ice cream products.

Haagen-Dazs said that bees are responsible for 40% of its 60 flavors, such as strawberry, toasted pecan, and banana split – some of the companies most popular.

Their “Haagen-Dazs Loves Honey Bee” campaign will include television and print ads as well as information on their packaging that explains the problem and what people can do to help. They are also launching a new flavor this spring called Vanilla Honey Bee to raise consumer awareness.

“This is the first time that Haagen-Dazs has adopted a cause like
this,” said Katty Pien, brand director with Haagen-Dazs. “We are taking this very, very seriously because it
impacts not just our brand but the entire food industry.”

Pien also noted that the company is donating $250,000 to both Pennsylvania State
University and the University of California, Davis to fund research
into the bee colony collapse disorder (CCD).

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