Freasy Funnel- The New Way to Save Time & Money Cleaning Soft Serve Machines

Our latest interview features Nick Gossett, the inventor of Freasy Funnel.  He has developed an innovative tool to help make cleaning soft serve machines faster and easier.

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How Does Freasy Funnel Work?

Freasy Funnel straps onto the face plate of most twin twist soft serve machines.  At the bottom, there is an exit port where a tube is attached and runs into a drain, sink, or bucket for emptying waste water.

The History

Nick manages four frozen yogurt shops in St. Louis, MO and developed this product as a result of his experience.  He had a hard time cleaning machines and removing waste water, and even had spills that took a long time to clean up.  Nick said this task is especially hard for his female employees as they would have to lift heavy bucket and bring them to the back of store.

How Freasy Funnel can Benefit you

Freasy Funnel makes it easier to clean soft serve and frozen yogurt machines, while resulting in less splashing and mess.  This product saves about half the time it normally takes to clean the machines.  Can do 3 machines in an hour.  Labor cost is pretty low by using this.  It’s also a very cost effective tool as it is inexpensive and you only need one per shop.

Nick gave an example of just how much easier maintenance can be with a Freasy Funnel.  If you have 6 machines that are cleaned twice a week, you can save 4-5 minutes per machine, resulting in saving $300-400 in labor costs over a year.

We often get emails from visitors or posts in our forum about cleaning ice cream machines.  The Freasy Funnel sounds like a great product that can help you save time as well as cut your labor costs.  After all, who wants to be cleaning a machine when you can be selling ice cream?

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