Handy Stacked Cone Dispensers

If you are running an ice cream shop you already know that there is one item that your employees cannot do without and that is some kind of dispenser for your ice cream cones. You need this item because without it your cones will crack, crumble, chip, break and get landed on by flies. The only answer is to keep the cones stacked in some kind of dispenser, whether it be a vertical one like in the picture above or a horizontal one.   You can get them in different sizes for dispensing different types of cones, including double cones and waffle cones.  The model above is a triple tower but you can get single towers that can be placed in strategic locations in your shop so they are easy for your employees to handle.  Alibaba.com is a wonderful source of this type of cone dispensing equipment online.

You can find all manner of cone dispensers online and offline in ice cream supply shops. You can also get them online from manufacturers or brokers who sell brands like DISPENSE-RITE and Providence  for regular cones and brands like Furui for waffle cone dispensers.



Photo By Donna Lypchuk 2011. All Rights Reserved.


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