Helpful Insights to Increasing Profitability by Molly Moon of Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream Shop

We were so excited to schedule a second interview with Molly Moon of Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice cream in Seattle, WA.

Our first interview with Molly was about a year ago and since then she has celebrated several great accomplishments. Molly also has a few more business ventures in the works.


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Growing the Business

Molly Moon has created such a successful concept that she has expanded her business to 4 locations. This is a great inspiration for those looking to get into the ice cream business, as despite the economy, an ice cream business can still be profitable. As mentioned in Molly’s first interview, her business’ foundation is a fun atmosphere and a green and healthy product using local ingredients. Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream is a business that succeeds due to the owner’s passion and values, strategic planning, and high quality product.

Since our last interview, Molly has published a cookbook titled Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream. This book is consistent with Molly’s values, teaching people how to make ice cream, sorbet, and toppings at home with local ingredients. Molly’s cookbook has already been a hit and is selling at stores such as Anthropologie and Barnes and Noble, while Molly is also in the midst of a 12-city book tour.

Molly Moon's Ice Cream Cookbook

photo by Kathryn Barnard

We noticed on Molly’s website, and in her book, there are beautiful photos of her ice cream. Having enticing and appetizing photos is a great way to draw interest in your product, so we had Molly share some tips with us.

photo by Kathryn Barnard

Another great aspect of business that we discuss with Molly is strategic partnerships. Molly recently partnered with a local cupcake shop as she realized they had the same target audience and could cross promote their products. As an entrepreneur, it is helpful to look for partnerships that are mutually beneficial. This gives you and the other business owner an opportunity to reach customers that you may not reach on your own.

Increasing Profitability and Branding

Lastly, we discussed the Molly Moon’s ice cream truck. This is another great example of how Molly has increased the profitability of her business. Unlike most ice cream trucks, Molly’s ice cream truck does not drive around selling ice cream. She has ensured the profitability of the truck by using it for events or to sell at local farmer’s markets. The ice cream truck has become very popular at weddings, where engaged couples will reserve the truck to serve ice cream during their wedding reception. Many newly engaged couples are looking for a new and unique dessert option for their wedding, sometimes replacing the traditional cake with ice cream or cupcakes. Molly has found a way to target her customers in several different ways.

Molly Moon Ice Cream Truck

There are so many great business lessons that can be learned through our interviews with Molly Moon. She has proven that not only can an ice cream business be profitable despite the economy, but it can also expand and branch out into other areas. Molly has also been successful in branding her company and making her brand memorable and easily recognizable. The best piece of advice an entrepreneur can learn is to always be looking for the next business opportunity that can expand your business and continue your profitability.

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