Holiday Ice Cream Recipes – What is Your Favorite Holiday Treat?

The end of the year is approaching. . . the holidays are upon us. I say letʼs have some fun and celebrate! Itʼs been a rough year for many of us, so a little fun is in order. Our shop proposed a ʻHoliday Recipe Contestʼ. Our customers could submit their idea for their favorite holiday dessert .

Everyone has traditional holidays favorites whether it be a main dish or a dessert. Itʼs something special that is carried on from year to year. Here
are the 3 that I picked and formulated into a creamy dessert. While I chose to make gelato, these can easily be converted to traditional ice cream as

picture-132 Tres Leches: Pieces of white cake ʻSOAKEDʼ in a combination of condensed milk, sweetened condensed milk , and heavy whipping cream. Make sure to soak the cake thoroughly; freeze at +10 F; then cut into 1/4 inch cubes. Fold into a clean, plain ice cream base straight from the batch freezer. I made this as a gelato and garnished the top with a vanilla candy drizzle.
picture-164 Harvest Berry: Mix cranraisins, walnut pieces, and crushed oatmeal cookies in equal parts. Fold into finished ice cream base straight from the batch freezer (the base can be mildly flavored with vanilla extract). I made this as a gelato and garnished the top with a chocolate stracciatella topping.
picture-152 Gingerbread House: Make a gingerbread base by flavoring with gingersnap cookies and a little added molasses. Fold candies: chocolate chips and M&Mʼs and more gingersnap cookie pieces into the ice cream extracted from the batch freezer. As a gelato, I garnished the surface with dollops of whipped topping with pieces of gummy ʻDOTSʼ in the centers.



The contest is in progress at the moment. Customers are sampling and placing their vote for their favorite. Itʼs close!

This contest not only added 3 new flavors to our menu, but brought our customers in for some fun and interaction. Guess what the prizes will be!!

Continue the holiday spirit and feel free to add your recipes to this blog!

Happy Holidays!


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