How do I Make My Own Ice Cream Cake?

There are all types and flavors of Ice Cream Cakes. Even some Healthy Recipes are out there if your customers are looking for alternatives.

Here’s one way:
1. Start at least one day before you need to serve the cake.
2. Choose your favorite flavor of ice cream. 1.5 quarts will fill a 9″ cake pan nicely. If using soft serve just fill pan with soft serve and skip the first part of step 3 as well.
3. Take the ice cream out of the freezer and allow to thaw for about 20-30 minutes. You want it soft, but not too soft. You don’t want it runny. At the same time, put one of the round cake pans in the freezer to let it chill.
4. Line the chilled round cake pan with plastic wrap.
5. Fill the pan with softened ice cream. Work as quickly as you can, since you don’t want it to melt too much. Start with the bottom of the pan, making sure the ice cream gets into the corners. Try to get it as even as possible, being careful to fill in any holes and gaps.
6. Cover with plastic wrap, then with foil, and place into the freezer overnight to re-harden.
7. Bake your cake at least 6 hours before serving. Fill the second round cake pan with half the batter, and fill the cupcake tin with the other half (save these for kids’ lunch boxes). Bake, cool, and remove from pan as directed on box or in recipe. It is important that the cake is completely cool before proceeding.
8. Remove the cake pan with the ice cream from the freezer at least 3 hours before serving time. Remove top plastic and foil, then place a dinner plate on top of the pan, and invert the pan onto the plate. Remove the plastic wrap from the ice cream.
9. Invert the cooled cake on top of the ice cream. This makes a flat top to the cake that is easier to frost.
10. Frost and decorate, working quickly.
11. Cover with plastic wrap and place back into freezer to harden for at least three hours.
12. Remove from freezer at serving time. Decorate with candles, sing Happy Birthday, and cut as you would a store-bought cake.

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