Ice Cream Franchise Options

An ice cream franchise has a variety of options available to help meet your location, budget and preferences.

Ice Cream Kiosk (small, semi-portable, lower cost)
You’ve probably seen ice cream stands in your local shopping mall or in a park. This option is typically a lower cost option and can help provide the portability and flexibility that you require. It may also be limited because kiosks don’t typically have seating, but in their respective locations this may not be required.

Ice Cream Shop (medium size, strip mall locations, medium cost)
The ice cream shops of today are typically found in shopping mall food courts and strip malls. Parking is easy and you can get plenty of foot traffic from the surrounding shops. These locations usually have a few tables to service those eat-in customers.

Ice Cream Parlor (large, stand alone, eat-in facilities, highest cost)
An ice cream parlor can provide you with a full-blown ice cream shop. Many parlors offer food in addition to their ice cream selections. This type of establishment requires a larger investment because they typically require a stand-alone building and more development.

You can see that there are a few different options for those interested in starting an ice cream business as a franchisee. The first step is to determine what your needs are and what would best suit your objectives.

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