Ice Cream Franchise: What is the Initial Investment Required to Purchase?

The cost to start your own ice cream franchise location can range based on a variety of factors. Those factors include…

  • Who you franchise your ice cream business from.
  • What type of facility you decide to develop.
  • Your location and zoning fees.

These fees range depending on the company that choose to franchise with. In addition most franchises not only require that you have a specific net worth, they also require that a certain amount of that net worth be “liquid.” Liquid capital is money that you have in cash or near cash investments where the money is easily accessible.

Here are some sample costs for a few major franchises

required net worth
estimated startup costs
minimum liquid assets
Carvel Ice Cream
Cold Stone Creamery
$235,035 – $348,370
$198,850 – $296,930


What does “net worth” mean?
Your net worth is your assets (like your house, your investment portfolio, cash and property you own) minus your liabilities (like your mortgage and any other outstanding debts/loans).

What does “estimated total investment” mean?
This is an estimation of the total amount of money required to get your business up and running. This includes your franchise fee, your facility, your supplies, etc. Please note this is only an estimate and this amount can vary based on your location and other criteria.

What does “minimum liquid assets” mean?
Most franchises will allow you to finance a portion of your costs either through them or a third party financing company. The minimum liquid capital is what they require you to have in cash or near cash assets.

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