Ice Cream Franchise – What Types are There?

When opening an Ice Cream shop there are a variety of Ice Cream shop type options to choose from.

Below are a few types of Ice Cream shops you could open:

  • Stand Alone Store
  • Mobile Cart
  • Turn-key Kiosk/Build-outs
  • Trailer
  • Mall Store Front
  • Double Drive-thru

If you do not want to open and manage an entire shop – you can simply open a small Ice Cream kiosk in your local mall. A kiosk is a stand-alone storefront that can be established within a larger shopping establishment. Many Ice Cream franchises offer the option of opening a kiosk and will provide tips and decoration for the Ice Cream kiosk.

Mall Store Fronts
The mall is the perfect location
for your Ice Cream store as there’s always a nice volume of traffic and an influx of young people who enjoy their desserts. Your Ice Cream franchising corporation will help you open a store in the mall as well as decorate it. Having a store in the mall will provide more room for your employees to work and your customers to enjoy your Ice Cream.

Stand Alone Stores
If you do not want to open a location in a mall – you may open a Ice Cream store typically located in a strip mall. This type of Ice Cream franchise option might cost you a little more money in paying rent than the other options.

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