Ice Cream Innovation – No More Unappetizing Ice Crystals

As all ice cream enthusiasts know, a few sharp ice crystals
can ruin a frozen treats smooth texture. Now, though, a non-toxic, edible antifreeze has been developed to prevent such unappetizing crystals from forming.

Unlike previous attempts, this newly developed antifreeze is
made from natural ingredients. Gelatin protein is extracted from cow hide to make a compound called gelatin hydrolysate.

When ice cream is prepared with the compound, there are significantly smaller and fewer ice crystals.

But how does the antifreeze prevent ice crystals without
affecting the ice cream itself from freezing?

Surprisingly, that is a question researchers have yet to
find the answer to. The mechanism for ice crystal growth is a process they are still trying to figure out.

Additionally, this non-toxic anti freeze isn’t just for ice
cream, but can be added to any frozen food to prevent ice crystal formation.

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