Opening a Frozen Yogurt Franchise

Q: Hello, I am interested in purchasing a frozen yogurt Franchise. Could you please send me some information about what it is all about and the requirements?

— Raymond, Tampa, FL

A: When considering opening a frozen yogurt franchise, you should first research the company with which you wish to franchise. Investigate their health codes, company culture and their code of ethics.

The best way to research a franchise is to find current franchisees, tell them you plan to open a store (outside their region) and ask them if you can take them to lunch. Try to find at least three and make sure some of them have been with the franchise for at least a year or more.

Another great tip is to visit as many of the franchise locations as you can. Do you like their product? What does the store traffic look like? Are they clean? Is the staff friendly? Judging by your experience from 5-10 stores, how strong would you say this companies brand is? That’s what you’re buying.

Then begin thinking about how much the start up costs are and the terms of agreement with the franchise company.

For example, TCBY’s requirements are as follows:

Initial Franchise Fee:           $25,000

Ongoing Royalties:              5% of Gross Sales

Advertising Fee:                 5% of Gross Sales

Initial Training Fee:             No charge for the first two individuals

Initial Term of Agreement:    10 years for traditional location

                                       5 years for non-traditional location

Total Estimated Initial Investment: $158,800 -$398,000

Requirements and start up costs vary from franchise to franchise. It is important to contact the company you wish to franchise with and request some information about their franchise opportunities.

What do you get for all that money and sacrifice?

Well if you go with a franchise instead of opening your own store, you will have a proven product, store designs, corporate support and strong brand recognition. You will also be provided with extensive training.

Owning a franchise is almost like riding a bike with training wheels. You have a chance of falling but the chances are much less than with out the training wheels.

To request franchise information feel free to visit Frozen Yogurt

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