PreGel America

PreGel AMERICA is far more than a provider of Gelato ingredients. The company has an unwavering commitment to its customers, and strives to differentiate itself by offering free training classes – ensuring that store owners and staff members are fully educated on the production of the highest quality gelato and specialty desserts. PreGel AMERICA has a vested interest in its customers’ success, evident by the additional services and resources the company offers, including liaisons with equipment companies, business and marketing strategies, creative recipe and decorative ideas, and advice concerning types of products to offer and how to properly display, serve and store its products.

PreGel AMERICA serves a wide variety of customers, including Gelato cafés, coffee shops, frozen yogurt stores, bakeries, restaurants, hotels, resorts and grocery stores. PreGel AMERICA has more than 1,000 gelato store customers alone – a number expected to more than double over the next few years.

PreGel has a long history of successes and novelties worldwide, consistently leading the market with innovative product lines and varied offerings such as:

* Yoggi, the first and most famous frozen yogurt flavor

* Zabaione, the first traditional Italian flavor of eggs and wine

* Gran Stracciatella, chocolate chips

* Fortefrutto®, the first concentrated fruit pastes for flavoring gelato, sorbetto, custard, mousse, etc.

* Tiramisù Tirapone®, used to create a mascarpone dessert

* Zuppi, non-alcoholic soaks for sponge cakes

* Pastaroma, concentrated flavorings for bakery products

* Arabeschi®, fillings that are enriched with nuts, fruit pieces, etc, to add a whole new flavor perception

* Pannacrema, exclusive flavors for pastries

* HappyTorte®, a new dessert that is not as cold as gelato and is similar in texture to mousse

* The Wellness Line, containing products with Splenda® Brand Sweetener, a no-calorie sweetener that is made from sugar, Beneo®, a fiber-rich product that aids digestive health, and various dietetic options such as soy

* Products used in the art of decoration, such as mirror icings and transparent icings (devised to cover the surface and edges of Gelato)