The Buddy System

The Buddy System’s Cone Buddies were first offered to the retail public on June 13th, 1998, at a Carvel Ice Cream store in Irondequoit, New York. In the first year of sales, Sotile sold 1,000,000 units. Sales have since doubled and tripled, with a steady 15 to 20% growth annually.

Cone Buddies sold to date — 60,000,000 !!! The Buddy System currently has a Nationwide reach, with additional sales to Canada, Greece, Antigua, Puerto Rico, and the Bahamas.

The problem is one that for a consumer is legally actionable—food mishandling. A consumer could contract staph viruses, or diarrhea. As well, ingesting bacteria that comes from hands that have touched money can cause Toxic Shock Syndrome. Additionally, money is dirty—it can have trace cocaine, fecal matter, germs, etc.

The benefits of the Buddy System:
• Clean
• Easy
• Inexpensive
• Healthy
• Great customer service
• Word-of-mouth for ice cream stand