Sell Ice Cream At Breakfast

One of the most popular trends in ice cream flavors is bacon ice cream. It has been all the rage in all the big cities like New York and Miami for a couple of years and the latest exciting ice cream topping is candied bacon bits.

To maximize your potential for selling ice cream all day, even in the early morning, try developing one breakfast specialty like the French Toast with bacon ice cream featured above. You could also serve French waffles with lots of fruit and frozen yogurt or frozen ice milk. Cereal also goes well with a dollop of frozen yogurt and a generous helping of fresh cut fruit.

The idea is to not stretch your menu too thin by offering too many dishes. One or two breakfast specialties is just enough to draw people to your door. Just make sure it has some kind of unique touch like the bacon ice cream and it will sell.


Photo By stu_spivack (French toast with bacon ice cream) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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