Specialty Cappuccino Ice Machines

The perfect iced cappuccino machine is likely going to be made in a hopper in a specialty machine such as the one by Bunn above. In fact, the Bunn dual hopper machine above is a classic one with a decaffinated vanilla cappuccino and a regular caffienated ice version both offered.

These gourmet ice machines are also sometimes called “granita” machines which is Italian for crushed ice.

When buying a specialty cappuccino ice machine remember that it is a long term investment. Try and buy one that is versatile and can be used with other kinds of mixes as well.  Look for features like a cooling auger, easy clean systems and a timer. You can also get autofill mechanisms that make sure that these machines never run out of mix and are never sitting empty on your counter. You never want to be showing off empty hoppers to the public as it makes it look like your drinks are not tasty enough to be popular!


Photo by Donna Lypchuk 2011. All Rights Reserved.


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