Looking for: Granulated glucose, sorbet stabilizers and Trimoline…

Could anyone tell me where can I order :

– Trimoline or equivalent (Nevuline or inverted sugar)- Granulated glucose
– Stabilizers for sorbet and ice cream

Thank you for your help,


Interesting post here! OK. Taking it from the top…

Trimoline or Equivalent:
You’ve got us on this one. We’ve called several sweetener companies that have drawn a blank. Online searches have pulled up some recipes that call for Trimoline, but little else.

Granulated Glucose:
Yahoo! search turned up very little on this. One web site that did get returned said this ingredient was illegal. It didn’t say why, only that, “It is known to contain other sugars in addition to glucose.” You can read more here.

We called Sweetener Products Co. and were informed that Glucose is actually Dextrose. People commonly interchange the two words, but when referring to Corn Syrup or other liquid sweeteners it’s actually Dextrose that you are looking for.

They have a variety of sweeteners in a range of forms and would be an excellent source to call for specifics on what your formulation calls for.

Stabilizers for Sorbet and Ice Cream:
We will keep looking for answers to this question. Here is an interesting article about selecting the right food stabilizer.

We will keep researching this one to see if we can find a list of stabilizer vendors.

You can order Trimoline, glucose, and glucose syrup at Gourmet International
http://home/silver72/public_html/icecreamprofits.com.gourmetinternational.com(just search for it)

Pastrychef.com has Nevuline and glucose syrup and Ice Cream Stabilizer. Pastrychef.com is a consumer outfit, while gourmetinternational.com sells to both consumers and wholesalers/restaurants.

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