Swensen’s Ice Cream Franchise

In 1948, Earle Swensen opened his first Ice Cream Shoppe in San Francisco atop Russian Hill offering his ice cream as “Good as Father Used to Make”. Little did he realize that Swensen’s would today, be a name synonymous with extraordinary delicious ice cream the world had ever known.

Since then, for more then 50 years, more than 180 flavors of ice cream have been created and enjoyed by both young and old, making Earle Swensen’s America’s, “Ice Cream Man”. Ice cream lovers certainly agreed because today, there are over 300 Swensen’s ice cream outlets worldwide, including Asia, the Middle East, USA and South America.

wensen’s was the first national Ice Cream Parlor to serve a premium ice cream that is all natural. The business was built and continues to be built on three founding principles that have never changed: Quality, Quantity and Value for Money. From full service, old-fashioned food stores to modern kiosks, we offer franchisees a range of sweet opportunities.

Two types of Swensen’s offerings have evolved throughout the years, the Swensen’s restaurant and Swensen’s ice cream parlor.

Become a Swensen’s franchisee

Starting your own business is an exciting experience that takes drive and determination. There’s always a lot to think about and a lot of planning to do. We are here to help. We have many years of experience when it comes to helping people begin a franchise, after all we have done it so many times before and keep on growing!

Swensen’s Restaurant

When you become a Swensen’s franchisee, you become a member of our family. Besides being entitled to use the name, goodwill, trade secrets and recipes of our premium ice cream, you become part of a proficient responsive network that collaborates to achieve success. We have proven standards of service and food operations, superior training and management to support you in your developing your market.

Swensen’s is looking for entrepreneurs who are passionate about working and motivating people to achieve success. Our willingness to help you get started is just one of the reasons we enjoy our success with our franchisee’s.

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