The 6 Dark Secrets About Soft Serve Ice Cream

Who here doesn’t love smooth creamy soft serve ice cream? It seems to be a rare treat as most shops serve the scoopable kind. There’s a few reasons why most serve hard ice cream.


[NOTE: Please read this entire article before you decide to offer soft serve ice cream at your shop. It could save you from hours of frustration and thousands in equipment.]


Please don’t let this discourage you if you have the right location, soft serve can make you a fortune, but we want to make sure you have all the facts.


Here are the top six reasons why you might want to offer hard ice cream instead of soft serve:
1. Electricity Bill Will Spike
Soft Serve Machines require more power than a dipping freezer
(used to display hard ice cream).

2. Higher Maintenance Costs
Moving parts make soft serve machines less reliable than dipping freezers.


3. Labor Intensive
Soft Serve Machines require daily sanitizing – a labor intensive process!


4. More Product Waste
Left over soft serve ice cream is supposed to be disposed of daily, which equals lots of waste.


5. Higher Equipment Costs
Soft Serve Machines – new or used are an expensive investment.


6. Less Flavor Selection
Soft Serve machines limit your flavor selection vs. dipping freezers, which can offer 4, 8, or 12 flavors.

It boggles my mind how many pizza parlors, cafe’s, coffee shops and other businesses burden themselves by purchasing a soft serve machine, only to later realize how difficult the upkeep is.


Their soft serve machines eventually wind up in a back room collecting dust.


This is why, for many, serving hard ice cream can be both easier and less expensive than serving soft serve.
Quick Return on Investment


If you’re just starting out or looking to add ice cream to your existing operation we encourage you to look into a piece of equipment that generates a quick return on investment with much less effort.


If you need an ice cream dipping cabinet to display your hard ice cream, this brand new dipping cabinet is very affordable, and costs less than most used soft serve machines.


It’s also low maintenance and draws minimal power. Plus you’ll get three great bonuses.


Get more information on this dipping freezer by clicking on the link below:

>>> Ice Cream Dipping Cabinet

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