Using Brand Familiarity to Your Advantage

When you first conceptualize what your ice cream parlor might look like in your business plan it might be an idea to consider whether or not you want to incorporate an element of familiarity from a very well-known brand. If you do this it can build trust between you and your customer because they already know that you are using products that are tried and true when it comes to tasting good.

Furthermore using brands that have been advertised widely already has a bit of a subliminal effect on your customer; they tend to want those products more than generic ones.

A good example of how you can build brand familiarity is to serve up your colas and coke floats in vintage-look Coca Cola glasses like in the picture below! Everyone knows what Coca-Cola is and the logo is as American as apple pie. The idea is that familiarity with an already existing product will be more encouraging to the customer and also give them an almost Norman Rockwell sense of security as they order their treat from you.



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