What is Soft Serve Mix?

Soft serve ice cream has been an American staple for many years.  From ice cream sundaes to milk shakes to vanilla and chocolate swirled ice cream cones, Americans have enjoyed the versatility of this sweet and creamy product.

Soft serve ice cream mix is a mix of ingredients that produce soft serve ice cream when frozen and dispensed.  Soft serve mix can come in a powdered or liquid (frozen) form.  The mix is typically used to make soft serve ice cream, however, some are also used for shakes and smoothies as well.

Commercial soft serve mix can be found in several different options and flavors.  Many mix suppliers offer non dairy mixes, while others also include gluten free and kosher mixes.  Soft serve mix is often found in vanilla and chocolate flavors.  Most suppliers include flavor packets that can be added to the base flavors to create additional flavors such as strawberry, banana, mixed berry and peach.

Soft serve ice cream is lower in milk fat and is stored at a slightly warmer temperature than hard ice cream.  When soft serve mix is poured into a soft serve machine, air is added to the product creating a soft and creamy texture.

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